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Morning! This is the Tech Safari

Or, the new Tech Safari, should I say.

If you like Tech Safari, this edition is basically Christmas. Before we get to the good stuff, let’s start with a bit of backstory..

I had just traveled across Kenya, Rwanda, and Nigeria, and I felt like I was in on a big secret: how tech is transforming Africa.

It was around the time one of my favorite podcasters, Shaan Puri, had started Milk Road - which demystified crypto in a super fun way.

I had the thought - wouldn’t it be fun to build Milk Road but for Tech in Africa?

A fun way to learn about tech in Africa.

The idea sounded easy. The hard part? Deciding on the name and logo.

I gave myself one day to decide - the day after Christmas before I wrote the first edition.

I almost called it Silicon Safari.

My sister talked me out of that (thank God) and I went with Tech Safari.

The logo? I spent a few minutes on Canva to pick it out.

Eight months in and people actually know about Tech Safari.

It’s my identity at this point.

About half the time I introduce myself it’s an ‘Oh! You write Tech Safari’ or ‘I’ve seen you on LinkedIn.’

It makes sense. Posts have racked up over 13 million impressions on LinkedIn and over 15,000 people read Tech Safari weekly.

So.. I figured it was time for a refresh.

And I linked up with my favorite designer, Bowale to come up with a new logo and mascot for the brand.

Alright, get ready for it.. here is the new Tech Safari:

Goodbye to Garry the Gorilla 🦍 Welcome Charlie the Compass 🧭

And today, our new website is live! Check it out here.

How are we celebrating? With another launch.

Today we also drop..

Tech Safari Rewards

Every subscriber is like a gift to us 🎁

And because we love new readers so much, we’re launching Tech Safari Rewards.

So you can get a gift in return for referring new readers 🙌🏾

Here is what you can get your hands on..

1 Referral = Kudos!

You’ll get a thank you video from yours truly 🙏🏾

3 Referrals = Guide: Africa’s Unicorns

Do you know Africa’s billion-dollar tech companies? In this guide, you will get to know the founders behind Africa’s seven unicorns

5 Referrals = Welcome to the Safari Club! 💌

You’ll get an invitation to The Safari Club, our private WhatsApp group of 200+ Welcome to the club! 💌 

10 Referrals = Tech Safari Talks

Our exclusive podcast built around you. Members get to make podcast guest recommendations 🎙️ 

1500 Referrals = Visit the Nairobi HQ!

The big one! If you refer 1500 readers, I’ll fly you over to the Nairobi HQ, and show you around Nairobi’s Tech Ecosystem.

Awkward moment when our Nairobi HQ is just a desk in my bedroom 😅 The tour will be the real highlight 😂

Wondering how to get your referrals up? Here is the playbook

The Playbook

To make this as easy as possible, here are two easy ways to stack up referrals.

First, make sure you’re subscribed to Tech Safari and have your custom referral link handy.

Heads up — you can find your unique referral link at the bottom of every Tech Safari edition.

1. Post on Social Media

This method is all about choosing the right platform to post on.

Here are the social platforms ranked by how effective (I think) they are in helping you build your referral count.

  1. LinkedIn

  2. Twitter

  3. Facebook

  4. Instagram

Pro tip: Make sure to personalise your posts. See Marge’s example below:

2. Hit up the Group Chat (and become the MVP)

You probably have a team Slack or Microsoft Teams channel for your team.

You may see this as work as usual. We see it as an opportunity to get your referral count up 👀

Start by sharing a screenshot of an interesting headline or a well-written story from Tech Safari in your work chat

Let it hang..

Hit them with a follow-up text saying “By the way, if you want to sign up for Tech Safari, here’s the link.”

It’s a win-win. Your referral count goes up. Your team is now smarter on African Tech. And you’re known as a legend at work because you put them on.

PS - This is an easy one to copy in any of your group chats, too.

Now, imagine this.

You dropped your Tech Safari referral link on social media, in your squad group chat, or in your company slack group.

Your friends read and love Tech Safari, and you are now a hero in their eyes.

Your referral numbers shoot up.

And you’ve just won a trip to sunny Nairobi, Kenya 🔆 🇰🇪 to meet Kenya’s most impressive founders and investors (or at the least, in the Safari Club).

You ☞ being the coolest person in the squad chat

That’s a wrap! What do you think of our new brand and site? Let me know here.

And if you like it, join us in celebrating Tech Safari’s launch! 🙌🏾

We’ll be back on the weekend with This Week in African Tech.

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